what is inkdrop

What is InkDrop ?

InkDrop is the Web 3.0 social network for communities to have meaningful and private interactions. Users can earn Ether (Eth) for fighting trolls, creating quality content or responding to PMs. In turn, Eth can be used to boost your message.

Lately, it has become apparent that the traditional ad- & user data-based model is unsustainable and irreconcilable with matters like user privacy and data security. InkDrop pioneers an entirely new approach to social media that tackles its most pressing issues.

The InkDrop platform is designed around the Ether cryptocurrency, to enable:

Fundamentally new ways to connect, …

straightforward content monetization, …

community government against trolls & spam, …

and full user-control over personal data.

The Future of Social Media, Today.


Join the Movement.

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Rethinking Social Media.


Crypto Likes

Truly support your favorite creators by sending them likes of actual value.



Profit from your creative efforts without having to resort to advertising.


Platform Moderation

You Care. We Reward. Help moderate the site and prevent misuse.



Boost your post and spread your message effectively.


Make It Your Own

Have full ownership over your identity, content, and data.

The InkDrop Ecosystem



Developing a token-based decentralized broadcasting network requires new advancements in social media and blockchain technology.

  • 2017

  • InkDrop 0.1

  • InkDrop 1.0

  • InkDrop 2.0

  • InkDrop 3.0

  • InkDrop X

Get Involved.

InkDrop is the blockchain community’s answer to today’s centralized social media landscape. Feedback helps to drive the project forward. This is why we are eager to hear from YOU. Join the InkDrop community and get involved in the discussion.

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